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Your investment in booking Kevin for your event need not strain your budget.

Enlist a sponsor!

A sponsor gets real value for their investment, your audience gets a hilarious top-notch speaker, and you get happy, energized attendees.

How does this work?

You arrange for a sponsor to cover all or a portion of Kevin's fee, and in return, they get:

  • increased audience traffic at the sponsor’s table or booth as they come to meet Kevin for a book signing and or a free gift following the presentation

  • acknowledgement and thanks in the program and on your website

  • the opportunity to introduce Kevin and give a brief statement about their company

  • a banner ad on the stage

  • sponsor flyers on audience seats

  • sponsor logo and contact information Kevin’s handouts


Kevin will get to know the sponsor, and appropriately – without turning the program into an overt “commercial,” which turns off an audience – humorously and creatively incorporate a message from the sponsor into his program.

When the sponsor has a booth, we can help attract a big crowd to it after the program. First, Kevin can sign books at the booth, where they can meet Kevin individually and be available for the sponsor. Plus, we can offer a small giveaway of an inexpensive and fun object that’s central to a joke in Kevin’s program. It’s always in high demand after he speaks, and your audience can get it free when they visit the sponsor’s booth, meet Kevin, and of course engage with your sponsor.

Sound promising? Start with this sample sponsorship request letter or contact Kevin’s office today and we’ll help work out a plan that works for everyone involved.

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