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Choose to Love A Message about unconditional love
a message about life, love & choices
message: kevin wanzer • art: kristin tuller
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Choose to Love 
a beautiful, inspiring book by motivational comedian, Kevin Wanzer

The birth of Choose to Love is a literal dream come true. Back in 1992, Kevin Wanzer experienced a remarkable moment while staying at a hotel in Columbus, Georgia. In the midst of the night, he abruptly awoke from a dream. Acting swiftly, he reached for the notepad placed conveniently by his bedside, writing down the exact words of the message that had just visited him in his slumber. Keeping this poem to himself for a remarkable span of fifteen years, Kevin finally decided to bring his vision to life. Entrusting his artistic friend, Kristin Tuller, he commissioned her to create original and captivating illustrations to complement the poem in a book that he dedicated to his very first adopted child. And now, Kevin's dream advents into reality as he hopes others will discover and embrace the powerful message of unconditional love and kindness, sharing it with those they choose to cherish in their lives.

Choose to Love by speaker Kevin Wanzer

This new multi-lingual edition features the original message in English along side interpretations in Arabic and Spanish.

Originally published in 2005, Choose to Love will celebrate it's 10th anniversary of his hardcover creation. This special edition includes brand new artwork by illustrator Kristin Tuller. In addition to the original message, the latest hardcover edition also presents Arabic and Spanish language versions of the book.

Every illustration in Choose to Love contains at least one heart. Some are obvious, many hidden. Can you find them all? See all the hearts revealed here.

As a motivational comedian and keynote speaker, Kevin dedicates himself and his work to promoting kindness, celebration of diversity, inspiring passionate purpose, and encouraging everyone always to Choose to Love.

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