This is no ordinary keynote or presentation...

As a professional speaker and motivational comedian, Kevin consistently surprises and delights audiences of all ages, at events as diverse as corporate conferences, university orientations, annual meetings, education in-service programs, and student assemblies. Whatever the setting, Kevin wins over even those who profess to have “seen it all”…

A Delightfully Unconventional Keynote Speaker

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Kevin speaks to an event planner about his programs

In this video, Kevin Wanzer explains his approach, style, intent, and philosophy as a professional speaker.

A Case of Mistaken Identity
Kevin at Camp
"I thought I was in Texas!"
The Intelevator
Choose to Love:
a message about life, love, and choices
A Minute's Worth of Out-of-Context Moments with Kevin

Kevin Wanzer tells a story of an extraordinary (and unexpectedly funny) customer service experience, illustrating the impact and importance of genuine human connection.

Kevin shares one of his signature stories about witnessing a heartwarming act of generosity, perseverance, and kindness.

In another of his signature stories, Kevin recounts a time when he got so involved in a moment, he forgot where he was... with ridiculous results.

Kevin describes an uncomfortably awkward, but highly amusing encounter with a stranger in an elevator.

Kevin concludes a keynote program for a diverse audience with the message from his book, Choose to Love.

Just for fun!