Energize Your Higher Education Audience through a Laughfest

with Substance


Kevin’s fun and hilarious college programs empower young adults to take positive and active responsibility for their lives, their education, and the impact they can and will have in the world through an affirmative, proactive attitude.

Book an inspiring new student orientation experience, programming to build community on your campus, or a substantive and empoweringly entertaining program to appeal to your entire student body.

Students leave Kevin's programs with

  • stronger peer connections

  • a sense that they are not alone, that they matter

  • a heightened sense of personal awareness

  • a new appreciation for differences and commonalities

  • excitement about fulfilling their potential on campus and beyond

  • understanding the importance of soft skills

New Student Orientations

Ideal as part of a welcome week celebration or summer orientation, motivational comedian and keynote speaker Kevin Wanzer’s New Student Orientation Programs make new students feel great about their upcoming college experience.

Kevin takes your audience on a fun-filled journey from childhood through their first day of college. 

He primes new students to embrace and appreciate diversity, open themselves up to make strong peer and community connections, move beyond their comfort zones, take care of themselves while looking out for each other, and enthusiastically take charge of their educational experience.


Whether you’re seeking a program to powerfully kick off your new student orientation activities, or a high-energy, laugh-filled and inspiring way to conclude your welcome week on a high note, Kevin has a program that will energize your students for the challenges and adventures that await them.

Celebrating University Diversity

Kevin works with you, your students, and student leaders to create an empowering, inclusive, and lastingly impactful diversity-focused program that will promote a positive and accepting campus community atmosphere.

Along with his hands-on and hilarious look at being different, he’ll share tested, highly effective, actionable ideas and tools your students can work with to embrace differences on campus and in their communities.

Programs for Orientation Teams & Other Student Leaders

Ideal for housing units, resident assistants, orientation guides or campus student leaders, this program reminds us that passionate student leaders have incalculable influence to others on campus and beyond.

Through this entertaining and interactive session, Kevin celebrates kindness, community, and passion for service. This experiential program engages everyone – even the “un-engageable” – while celebrating diversity in a thoughtful, respectful, fun, and non-threatening way.

“Rarely have I seen the effect on a staff that you had in speaking with our Orientation Leaders. Our leaders were inspired, energized and enlightened by you, and I thank you.”

–Melanie Payne, President of the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA)

“Kevin has this magical way of helping all students feel comfortable with themselves while also being an advocate for making responsible and positive choices in their lives.”

– Marc Skjervem, National Orientation Directors Association & Former Director of Campus Activities & Orientation

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