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A Message of Unconditional Love
by Matthew Vire & Kevin Wanzer
Illustrated by August Leigh

With colorful illustrations and memorable rhyming verse, this beautiful book delivers a poignant and timely message of unconditional love. Written to address the fears of the authors' adopted son, I Love You When helps children understand and feel more secure in the love of their family. It is sure to be a cherished addition to any library, and a timeless reminder that a parent's love is always unconditional.

August Leigh, a graduate of Ball State University, animates, illustrates, designs, and produces video content. August loves creating stories, no matter the medium. Visit

Matthew Vire wrote the first draft of I Love You When in 2019 to assure his soon-to-be-adopted son, Christian, that he is always loved, no matter what. Christian’s other dad, humorist, motivational comedian, and  keynote  speaker,  Kevin Wanzer, has been noted nationally as one of the most effective and entertaining presenters for inspiring and empowering audiences of all ages.

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