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What is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)?


Kevin Wanzer is proud to be a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). The “CSP” designation must be earned by meeting certification criteria defined by the National Speakers Association (NSA), which awards the credential. To qualify, a professional speaker must provide verifiable documentation of excellence in the field. The CSP designation is recognized internationally as an indication of professional skill.

Not all professional speakers are members of NSA, and of those who are, less than 12% have earned the CSP title. CSPs must show that they meet the highest standards of platform compentence, professionalism, continuing education, and ongoing commitment to the speaking profession.

To maintain good standing as a member of NSA, professional speakers are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics.

National Speaker Association Member Code of Ethics, which outlines indicators and measure of honesty, leadership and stewardship of the speaking profession. For more information about NSA and the CSP designation, please visit

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